118 families adopted in Pilot's Christmas program

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There are 20 families currently waiting on the Pilot-Trbune/Upper Des Moines Opportunity Adopt A Family list. So far, 118 families have been adopted!

Individuals, families, churches, classrooms, businesses or clubs may adopt a local below-poverty-level family to help provide the Christmas they otherwide might not be able to have.

The program works like this:

1. Needy families sign up to be adopted - all are from Buena Vista County and are living below poverty level. Families are asked to sign up at UDMO by Dec, 9.

2. The Pilot-Tribune prints a coded list of basic information on the families. The list is updated continuously.

3. Simply pick a family or elderly person from the list and call our hotline at 732-1757. An operator can provide more specific infomation on that familiy's needs.

4. Go shopping! Needed are non-perishable food items to make the holiday meal that a family might not otherwise have. Many donors also include gifts or clothes for children, perhaps a card of well wishes or a gift certificiate, or some other personal touch.

5. Christmas gift wrapping is appreciated. Just drop off your box or bag at UDMO in Storm Lake prior to the Dec. 15 deadline. Our volunteers will make sure it gets to the family before Christmas.

Today's Adopt a Family List:

90. Mom and dad, girl 13, girl 9, girl 3.

99. Mom and dad, boy 2, boy 1.

111. Single mom, girl 13, girl 8, girl 3.

113. Single mom, girl 17, girl 4, boy 11, boy four months.

115. Mom and dad, girl 4, girl 1.

118. Single mom, girl 7, boy 5.

120. Single mom, boy 16, twin girls 12.

125. Single mom, girl 13, girl 7.

126. Mom and dad, girl 3, boy 3 months.

127. Mom and dad, girl 2, boy 1.

128. Mom and dad, girl 3, boy 1.

129. Single mom, girl 13, girl 6.

131. Single mom, boy 6, girl 8 months.

132. Single mom, girl 13, boy 8.

133. Mom and dad, girl 13, boy 5, girl 8, girl 3.

134. Single mom, boy 15.

135. Mom and dad, boy 9, boy 6, girl 3.

136. Single mom, boy 3.

137. Elderly couple.

138. Mom and dad, girl 6 months, girl 1, girl 3.

Hotline 732-1757

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8 AM-5 PM

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