Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Presidency through kids' eyes

It won't be long until our newly-elected president takes office.

The young students at West School conducted their own election - led by the 8 and 9 year olds. It was the neatest thing ever, watching them guide the littlest students to the "voting box" and showing them that they needed to mark an "X" by the picture of John McCain or by the picture of Barack Obama.

I took the opportunity to ask the young people some questions about the president; they had obviously gotten some coaching (way to go, teachers!) cause they are pretty smart.

I asked some of the kindergarten students what they thought the job of the president is.

"He helps people," said Ben Gallagher.

"He has lots of homework," said Jentry Sawvell.

"He has to dress up everyday," said Ethan Gasner.

"He has to listen to people," said Immanuel Garcia.

The teachers had shared with the students some of the perks that the White House has; they were impressed that there is a bowling alley and a swimming pool in there for them to use at their leisure.

Rayqwin Hunter was sure that the president has "all kinds of animals."

"He talks on a big microphone," said Zander Stoltzfus.

"He has a white house. It's big. And he has a big car," said Andrea Padilla.

"He writes on paper and talks to people on the phone. I think he saves people," said Romario Valdez.

The third grade students went into more depth on their job descriptions.

Haley Morgan said the president's job is to make sure "everyone is safe and to make sure everyone has money and a job." She said the president is also responsible for making sure kids get a good education and make sure the U.S. is safe.

"If I was president," she said. "If I had kids, I would play with them all the time and take them swimming and bowling." (Good idea!)

There is one more important thing she would do. "I would build a zoo for all the endangered animals and save all of the animals I could."

Lydia Youngquist is sure the president has a lot of stuff to sign and has a lot of stuff to do.

"If I was president I would help kids get a good education."

Michael Knapp said the president "keeps people safe" by having war. "The people that want to go to war will get sent there by the president. They will keep us safe so we don't get bombed again."

Caitlyn Hesselman said if she was president she would make sure people who needed a job would get a job. She said she would also get a cat, a dog and a puppy for the White House. She would also give teachers "a lot of money."

These kids have some good ideas - and maybe some ideas better than what our president has in mind.

I am sure their teachers will be keeping them up to date on what kind of job the president is doing. How awesome that these students are already taking an interest in politics. Our president-elect has said that all things are possible. Perhaps one of these students will someday run our nation.