Letter from the Editor

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making a snow policy work

A year ago I came out of work to find a snow ban ticket on my windshield. It seemed I was blocking the plows. As I recall, it was a balmy night for November, in the 50s degree range, and it was no more going to snow in Storm Lake that night than monkeys were going to fly out of... well, let's say, out of the council chambers.

So I will rejoice with many others that the city will relax its policy this season, and stop sticking the peeps for $15 for parking on the streets they pay for with their taxes. Especially when there's not a flake of snow in the forecast.

Instead, a snow emergency will be declared when needed for plows to get through.

The city has pledged to get more customer-friendly, and I guess they mean it. Of course, before we start scattering rose pedals in the footpaths of our councilpeople, we should realize that the policy change was not adopted wholly out of altruistic purposes.

Since the city decided to crack down on people's right to park in their own yards or non-hard-surface areas, there is no place for them to go but the streets in some cases.

An emergency-only policy is reasonable enough - but it is going to take a lot of cooperation if it is going to work, and thus if it is going to stick.

When it snows, ices, or even threatens, people will have to clear those cars. Driving a plow is a tough enough job, don't make it harder on the guys who do this for us. Now's a good time to scout a parking place in your area, or ask a neighbor if you can share their driveway. If you don't bother, you'll be paying for it, and next year, so will I.