Nelson's View

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Beast Rolls On

My beast of a car rolls on. Or should I say roars on? If you've heard it lately (I'm sure you have, it's kinda hard to miss) you will agree. I've decided that the only way I can own an old clunker car (that has a tendency of embarrassing me at times) is to have a sense of humor. But it can be hard to have a sense of humor when they hand you a bill.

My most recent adventure with my car involved putting in a new starter. At least I'm hoping that's what it needed. I really don't like it when a car repair place just tries to guess what's wrong with it and then realize later all it needed was a little cleaning. It's happened. Then they tell me, oh it'll probably need that new part eventually. Then when I ask to have the old part back (maybe it'd make a nice paper weight on my desk) and they say they threw it out and apparently they must nuke it after they remove it because they claim there is simply no retrieving it. I think by the time I sell that car the only original part left will be the body and the steering wheel. I take that back - I believe the front bumper and maybe even the hood are off another car.

After it refused to start Friday evening I was without a car for the weekend. I wasn't able to borrow a loaner car because the dealership said I had to be 25 years old. What?! I'm 24. I guess apparently I will become a better driver at 25. I had hoped that for the weekend I'd be able to drive home in something newer than what I have - for a moment in my life pretend I was the owner of a new car. For one whole weekend I could sink into its cushy seats, listen to a radio and purring engine instead of a non-harmonious muffler. To feel its nice smooth moves (instead of jolting with every crevice in the road) as we cruise along. With my luck their policy will change next year and you'll have to be 30 to borrow a car.

My neighbor told me I need to talk nicer to my car and encourage it. It's very easy to just want to push it off a cliff sometimes. (Gosh I hope it can't read). His three year old daughter sometimes likes to give her dad's car a kiss. It's cute. I told her when I get my car back it could use some of her TLC treatment. But then now that it's snowing out I figure maybe she should just blow it a kiss because her lips might freeze to it.

I'm so thankful for my family, friends and neighbors who helped me when I needed to go buy groceries, needed a ride to church or work and got me out of the house for a birthday party. For a couple hours I got to pig out on appetizers and dance the hokey pokey and cha cha slide and didn't once think about my car troubles or other stresses in life.

Got my car back again. Onward to my next adventure. Maybe we could hold off until spring so I'm not calling people out in a blizzard to help jump start my car. But if life was also simple and smooth, then I guess I'd have have to find something else to write about in my columns.