Readers Respond

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama and abortion

From BELINDA BOATENG / Via Internet

I have just one question for Barack Obama. How can you approve abortions?

This is not your world to play with lives that way. What those who choose to have abortions don't realize is it will haunt you all the days of your life. Even if you repent for taking a life, it still comes back to haunt you in some way...

I was all for you being the next president, until I heard that you wanted to pass that bill for choice abortion. I am very much against that. Have the baby and put the child up for adoption or have surgery to be sterilized or use protection...

God said, "Thous shalt not kill." Now you tell me what you are ready to do is God's way for the people?

Where's the beef, schools?

From A LOCAL PARENT / Storm Lake

I am writing to challenge Taher Services to take a serious self-evaluation of the lunches provided for the public school students. Often times, students are offered repetitious and what some may consider unhealthy options.

I realize the Taher program is to follow state requirements for food service at public schools. They seem to follow portion and food group requirements; however my concern is the choices offered on a regular basis. In comparison to other schools in the area, our public school meals leave much to be desired.

Please take time to check other menu items that schools nearby serve, and consider supplementing the menus, adding to the selections and lessening the amount of times one item is served throughout the year. I think the students would agree with me that tacos, fajitas, crispitos, burritos and those grilled cheese items are served way too often and items such as spaghetti, tator tot casserole, even REAL hamburgers, are served too sparingly. Perhaps a student survey would help to determine selections students are really hungry for.

Closing small schools is a socialist plot

From WENDELL CARR / Otumwa

In 2007, Iowa native son Tom Arnold produced a factual documentary film entitled "The Final Season," which chronicled the Norway, Iowa high school perennial state champion baseball team in that school's final year of operation prior to being closed down by the State education bureaucracy.

Of particular interest was the "trickle down" effect of the closure on the town's economy - a phenomenon that has since been repeated in all the state's smaller towns and villages. The dismantling of the rural school system has resulted in the gradual disappearance of family farms throughout the state. So why the major shift in demographics?

Simply this: When the state's rural and small-town students were systematically - and deliberately - relocated to urban schools, they soon discovered a quicker and easier way to make a living; thus the vast majority never returned to their roots.

Fifty years of consistently inferior Big Brother educational enterprises have produced the most intellectually-deficient and amoral generation in the annals of modern American academic history. Consider that the average contemporary college freshman possesses the reading comprehension of only an eighth grader - not to mention the inability to correctly "count change" at a check-out counter. Competent, comprehensive reading skills are an indispensible prerequisite for all other academic endeavors. Obviously, mass education has not worked, is not working, and will never work.

Did all of this happen by chance? Not hardly! It is merely part-and-parcel of a long-range socialist agenda to remove the last vestages of genuine independence and self-reliance from the people at large; to shift the population gradually - and by design - to larger urban areas/school districts, as city dwellers are far more dependent on government infrastructure and thus more susceptible surveillance and control...

Are then We, the People, on a "fast track" to being morphed into a globalist/socialist state. You got it.