City approves renaming portion of Sunrise Park

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Storm Lake City Council approved a resolution Monday to rename a portion of Sunrise Park, which extends west of King's Pointe resort, as AWAYSIS Park. City staff felt that the AWAYSIS project has held significant historical impact in the community and the name should be retained to hold lasting ties to the project.

"I agree - AWAYSIS is such a clever name," said Councilperson Julie Egland. The name was a play on "getting away to an oasis." Currently Sunrise Park extends from the city limits south of the campground to the new swimming beach. The City feels this portion of park with a beach, playground, lighthouse and Great Lawn needs its own identify separate from King's Pointe. City staff also recommended renaming the lighthouse, concession stand and beach to Awaysis as well.

According to City Administrator Patti Moore, new signage will be put up.

*The City also closed a public hearing on the proposed vacation of Seventh Street between Oneida and Seneca Streets to help make way for a new Fareway store. There were no comments during the public hearing and no written comments. The City passed a first reading for an ordinance that will allow for the vacation.

*The consent agenda was approved; the agenda included the appointment of Phil Havens as Assistant City Attorney.

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