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Students share Halloween stories

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pilot Tribune's Partner's in Excellence friends from Mrs. Beal's second grade class shared Halloween stories.

By Alondra Melendez

One Halloween night there was a mysterious knock at the door. It could be a ghost or a vampire. I opened the door. I didn't see anything then all of a sudden Monica and Vivian jumped out of the bushes and said, "Boo!" Monica was a fairy and Vivian was a princess.

By Zachary Brown

I heard scary sounds like Boo! and Hee! Hee! Hee! and roar! amd AAAA! and Kee! Then I put on my costume and went trick-or-treating but I still heard those noises. I went in the bathroom and it was just the toilet.

By Alex Merten

One night one kid came to a house. It was not a normal house. It was a scary giant house. It was a haunted house!

He opened the door and there was a skeleton then it vanished so he walked in and he saw a giant spider, a vampire, a mummy, a witch and a ghost.

Then he ran out the door in screaming terror!

The end.

By Jordan Hewett

On Halloween night there was a sound at the door and it was a witch!

I ran for my life!

It followed me around a haunted house. I went in it and I saw a ghost and a witch in it.

I ran all the way home and I never came back again!

By Much Biel

Last night was Halloween.

Trick-or-treating was not mean.

This guy went to a haunted house.

And he was scared by a little mouse.

A skeleton came by.

The man started to cry.

By Logan Jacobson

Once upon a time I went in my classroom and the lights were turned off. I saw in the corner a skeleton and the skeleton was holding a pointy finger and he was going to poke and tickle me to death.

By Lizzie Lenhart

Last Halloween I saw something. Was it a carving out of a big scary pumpkin? But it wasn't, it was a big scary haunted house!

I went in and I saw something flying in there. It was a ghost! Aaaaa! I ran for my life!

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