Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Instant Replay button

I don't like watching sports on TV because it takes four hours to watch a two-hour game due to all the instant replays. (Yea, sure, that's really the ONLY reason I don't watch games on TV.)

Those instant replays allow those home spectators to see the plays they missed while dozing or going to the refrig for ANOTHER snack.

I've been thinking how awesome it would be if we could use instant replays in our life. I set things down and so many times I can't for the life of me remember where I put them - If I could rewind, I would be able to figure out in an instant (instant replays, you know) just where I set those missing items down instead of trying to retrace my footsteps and still having no luck - until it comes to me in a dream in the middle of the night. "Ah ha!" I scream as I bolt up right in bed! Now I remember where I set my bowl of ice cream (a little late maybe!)

Not only would the instant replay feature help locate missing objects but I would be able to rewind to see things I actually said. "But mom! You said I could go out with my friends!" Did I? I don't remember that. I would be able to see if my kids were trying to pull the wool over my eyes or if I really am just too old and can't remember anything I say!

Ever said anything and wished you hadn't? It would be an extra benefit if that instant replay feature could delete, too. (I said something just the other day where I wish I had litreally stuck my foot in my mouth instead of letting the words come out.

And I would use that instant replay button often just to check out faces I haven't seen in a while - like my kids when they were shorter than me and oh, so cute! "Did they really do that?" I would like to see it once more...

I would also like to zoom backwards to my wedding day - I felt like a princess that day - and see that my husband really did say, "I do" to me and not to the minister saying, "Do you promise to watch as much sports as humanly possibly on TV and ask your wife to bring you snacks and beverages all throughout the games? If so answer I do."

Most definitely, I would go back to see my dad and my mom. Another feature on the special device would be a "do over" button which would allow the user to go back into the picture and relive certain situations. I would wipe out those short visits - those times that I was just too busy with other things - and change them to long, conversation-filled visits.

Oh, the many uses this device would have!

Maybe I will try to market this idea - film some info-mercials and air them on TV at all the odd hours to catch all the odd people (like me).