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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guardians of

taxpayer purse

From JIM TREAT / Storm Lake

Congressman King and Congressman Latham are to be applauded for having the fiscal discernment and political courage to vote against the revised Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The people I have talked to concur with their decision. They are true guardians of the taxpayer's purse.

It was interesting to read in the Des Moines register that their Democratic opponents, Rob Hubler and Becky Greenwald said they would have voted for the bailout legislation even though the first bill funneled millions of dollars into the coffers of the radical and fraudulent ACORN group. Rob and Becky must be advocates for pork barrel politicians and have no qualms about supporting fraudulent organizations. Let's hope the bailout does not become another Katrina fiasco.

ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has used questionable means to secure sub-prime loans for people who could not afford to own a home. It is prime example of the irresponsible lending practices that created the financial debacle with which we have been saddled. The organization is currently under investigation for fraudulent voter registration in several states. Do you suppose their activity is a payback for the $800,000 that Obama donated to ACORN? In an attempt to cover-up the money it was first channeled through Citizens Services, Inc. which is an offshoot of ACORN. It is my understanding the money was to be used for vot er turnout. They certainly heeded Barack's orders and breaking the law was irrelevant. Apparently Obama must have schooled them well in the use of deceitful tactics during his stint as a community organizer in Chicago. The left-wingers are willing to get power by whatever means required.

I had to chuckle to myself as I wrote this editorial in view of the fact that Senator Grassley was quite concerned about the financial

accountability of the TV evangelistic ministries of Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland. He even subpoenaed their financial records for review. He is the senior

member of the Senate Finance Committee. The committee has oversight powers. I am of the opinion that Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd should be called to the table for an explanation as to why they did not heed the warning in 2005 of a forthcoming financial disaster.

The taxpayers deserve an answer from Rep. Frank and Sen. Dodd as to why the unsound lending practice was allowed to continue on their watch. Could they have been sheltering some of their cronies or an election surprise?

'Palin' around

with terrorists

From JEANNIE CLAIRE / Albert City

Never before in the history of U.S. presidential campaigns has a candidate incited violence against an opponent until Sarah Palin came along, passionately telling rallies, in that screechy voice of hers, that Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists."

Now consider the charge that Obama "pals around with terrorists."

In the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr., on the October 17 broadcast of CNN's Larry King Live, Palin herself has been known to pal around with a man -- her husband, actually -- who only recently terminated his seven-year membership in the Alaskan Independence Party. AIP's creation was inspired by the rabidly violent anti-Americanism of its founding father Joe Vogler, according to Kennedy.

Vogler was murdered in 1993 during an illegal sale of plastic explosives. The prior year, he had renounced his allegiance to the United States explaining: "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government." He cursed the stars and stripes, promising: "I won't be buried under their damned flag ..."

Palin has never denounced Vogler.

Kennedy went on to document how Palin herself attended AIP's 2000 Convention, "agreed to give a keynote address at the AIP's 2006 convention, and recorded a video greeting for this year's 2008 convention."

If McCain has any integrity left, he should tell Palin to tone down the rhetoric or go back to Alaska. I don't see that happening. Rather, I see things getting more incendiary as the election draws near.

But "paling around with terrorists" is not confined to the bottom of the Republican's presidential hopeful ticket. John K. Wilson documented in an article at Huffington Post, Oct. 9, how McCain personally donated $400 to Contras, a group in Central America who engaged in rape, mutilation, bombings, assassinations and more, and how McCain voted to fund Iranian terrorists and paled around with acknowledged criminals and enablers such as G. Gordon Liddy.

As if this isn't enough reason to vote against McCain in the general presidential election, he also doesn't support our troops who he has vowed he could keep fighting in the Middle East for 100 more years. As a veteran himself, I find McCain's anti-veteran voting record appalling.

Before deciding who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, veterans would do well to review John McCain's inexcusable voting record on veteran's issues. To vote for someone because they are the same gender, same culture, or someone who shares your status as a veteran, with no regard to their record is a disservice for all of us.

Some low lights of McCain's voting record include:

In 2007 McCain voted against the Webb amendment which called for adequate troop rest between deployments.

In 2006 McCain voted against an amendment that would provide $20 million to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for health care facilities and also was one of 13 Senators who voted against $430,000,000 for the Department of Veteran Affairs for Medical Services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans.

In 2003, McCain urged other Senate members to table a vote (which never passed) to provide more than $1 billion for National Guard and Reserve equipment in Iraq related to a shortage of helmets, tents, bullet-proof inserts, and tactical vests.

As late as September 2008, John McCain did not support and did not show up to vote for the 21st Century GI Bill, and updated bill that some have called a return to the spirit of the original post World War II GI Bill. He said the bill was too generous.

McCain should relate to veterans; he chooses not to. We need a Commander in Chief who will support the troops; John McCain's anti-troops record is clear.