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Letters to the Editor

Thursday, October 23, 2008

'Thanks' for giving the gift of life

To the Editor:

The following HEROES registered to donate blood at the Alta Community Blood Drive Thursday, Oct. 16: Stephen Anderson, Amanda Ballou, Don Krueger, Russell Cammerer, Susan Krueger, Heather Carr, Jerri Louis, Florence Dodd, Janet Meyer, Loren Fahr, Kily Meyers, Greg Galvin, Grethchen Miller, Angelica Grieme, Teresa Miller, James Heschke, Terra Miller, Marilyn Huseman, Neil Patten, Michael Kaufman, Kevin Pingel, Donnabelle Sievert, Mindy Taylor, Sherry Tippy, Angela Wadsley, Patricia Wall, Dennis Weber.

Thank you to all those who shared the gift of life.

Marilyn Huseman

Alta Coordinator for

Siouxland Blood Bank

A good lesson for city council

To the Editor:

Let's talk about our fair city of Alta. It's a good place to live and raise our kids, BUT, lately I feel we spend a lot of time and energy on petty differences on silly things that only divide us from our neighbors. Canvas garages and campers being parked in and on the streets seems trivial to the fact that the food pantry is very low or how about paving the streets on the north and west sides of town?

If we really are worried about how the town looks, wouldn't time and energy be better spent in these areas, not to mention, the condition of the water that's coming out of the faucets.

Now, I know (Alta City Council member) Pam (Henerderson) personally and she is a good person, but if you think the flapping of a tarp is noisy, come up to my house and listen to the blowers on Ag Partners' big tops; it's like living next door to an airport. As far as camper parking goes, it's seasonal and though the city has claim to the streets and the parkings, what I do with MY land is my business, within reason.

Pam, you're my friend but I don't have the extra money to store my camper in the summer or the winter and this year, I was only able to enjoy it a few times because of the price of gas. Maybe that's why our neighbor put up the garage they did because it's functional and affordable. Sounds like common sense to me. A good lesson for our city council.

Steve Sauter

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