Readers Respond

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politics and the war

From MEL SUHR / Storm Lake

John McCain keeps telling us repeatedly that Barack Obama has too little experience to be president. So why did he choose Sarah Palin, who has far less experience than Obama, to be his running mate? She could be president someday.

And a question for those who believe in the Iraq War. Are you sending your children and grandchildren to join our all-volunteer armed forces? If it is so good, why not? However, I give my heartiest congratulations to our soldiers for the great humanitarian work they're doing in Iraq.

Behind the curtain

From DON MERRILL / Via Internet

Just as the president believes "history" will judge his administration, so history will judge if the "surge" ultimately worked in that it led to "victory" in Iraq. But the decisions leading up to that war, just like the ones leading up to the current financial crisis, highlight a truth not taught in any civics class.

We all learn that democracy is the light of free people everywhere. OK. That American rugged individualism is the fuel of the world engine. Sure. That we are indeed the Shining City on the Hill. Alright. But a dark truth of our system is that we must accept and absorb the decisions of powerful people, made in secret and done in our name, as the ultimate living price for our citizenship. To not accept is to be labeled everything from disturbed to heretic todissident to traitor. And where is the freedom in that?