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Council talks campers, tarped garages, tree removal; will take closer look at city codes

Thursday, October 9, 2008

There was great discussion at Monday's Alta City Council meeting on whether tarped/framed garages should be allowed in the city and whether campers should be allowed to be parked in yards or driveways.

Complaints from neighbors have been called in to city hall on both items.

One owner of a tarped garage was present at the meeting and asked why she was being singled out. City council person Pam Henderson, a neighbor to the owner, pointed out that there is a city code against that type of structure but also said that she is bothered by the flapping of the tarps in the wind.

The structure is considered "an accessory building."

The owner was asked whether or not a permit was obtained from the city before it was put up and she said she did not believe one was necessary because of the low cost. Henderson said that anytime any construction is done that the city needs to be notified so that if there is a code against the desired construction, it can be halted before the work can be done.

"This needs to be addressed," said Mayor tom French, "and needs to be ironed out. there is going to be a real problem with people putting these up; they're cheap and they last."

The discussion will continue.

Complaints have also been heard about people parking their campers and motor homes on their yard. City code says that nothing can be parked on the right-of-way - including boats and other vehicles.

"This continues to be an issue with our city and with other cities," Henderson said. "I feel that if you can afford to but something like that you can afford to find somewhere to store it so it's off the city streets."

Police Chief Mike McDonald said that he and the city code enforcer went around town recently and counted 34 campers and 14 boats on trailers sitting in yards.

More discussion will follow and the code enforcer will be asked to check deeper into the codes so that people can be informed of what and what not the city allows in respect to parking in the yards.

Jane Weber appeared before the council for the second time in the last few months to discuss what can be done about two diseased trees in her yard. She informed the council that she has had professionals from Jerry's Tree Service look over the trees in question at is was determined that the two maple trees are suffering from tar spot fungal leaf disease.

The Webers offered to take the trees down at their expense and will replace them by planting new trees.

The city code states that the city workers will remove "diseased" trees but the council believes the code needs to be updated as it was written when Dutch Elm Disease hit the community. It appears that there are many trees in the community that have been hit by the tar spot fungal disease and it has been reported that ash borers are coming this way which could result in the loss of many more trees.

The council will allow the Webers to remove the trees and is making it a precedence that before trees are removed by homeowners that they first check with a professional tree service to make sure the trees are indeed diseased rather than the homeowners making the call. The council is afraid if the homeowners make the call, too many trees could be taken down in the city.

In other business, the council:

* set Nov. 3 for the public hearing on the sewer system grant application.

* accepted a resignation from Jennifer Reetz as the Community Center custodian and agreed to hire Deb Struthers as the new custodian. The job description will be updated.

* renewed a liquor permit for West Links and a beer beer permit for Alta Country Store.

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