Galva Station Pumps More than 1,335 Gallons for Ethanol Promotion

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Approximately 200 people attended a grand opening event to dedicate Iowa's first blender pump in Galva this month, according to Michelle Kautz for the Domestic Fuel Alternative Fuel News. At the event, co-sponsored by Galva Holstein Ag and Ida County Farm Bureau, drivers who fueled up with ethanol blends saved $.30 per gallon. Over 1,335 gallons of ethanol was sold during the three-hour promotion.

Special guests at the celebration included Karey Claghorn (Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture), Maureen Wilson (representing Senator Harkin), Monte Shaw (Iowa Renewable Fuels Association), Dave Ehlers and Wayne Brinks (Congressman Steve King), Jessica Zopf (American Lung Association), Kristin Nowak (Clean Air Choice Team), Westmor Industries, CENEX, representatives from Ida County and Buena Vista County Farm Bureau and others.

"We are delighted to be the first company in Iowa to offer E30 and E85 to FFV drivers", said Gary Brosamle, energy department manager at Galva Holstein Ag. "We encourage all Iowan's to use ethanol-blended fuels, which are made right here in our backyards.".

The state-of-the-art blender pump is located south of Galva at 1583 Market Avenue, near the Highway 20 interchange and is the first location in the region where E85 fuel is available. Galva Holstein Ag also offers E30, E10 and unleaded gasoline to motorists 24 hours a day at the card-operated facility.

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