Nelson's View

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Reporter by day, female Chuck Norris by night. (or at least in training). I recently decided to start taking taekwondo classes. I didn't join to get into any fights - no way I want to end up in jail (or on the records page). Course with my luck I'd probably end up in the hospital.

Rather I joined to learn more self-defense skills and heck it's also good physical exercise and good for balance and coordination and frankly sometimes I'm a real klutz. I've learned self-defense in the past however, never in such depth.

I can just imagine having a bad guy come up and grab me, excuse me sir but we haven't learned that move yet in P.E. class.

I thought maybe I'd meet a couple new friends too (who'll let me practice my new moves on them, carefully that is). I've also noticed there's nothing like punching a body opponent bag until your knuckles are red to let off a little stress. People continue to joke around with me though.

"Remind me not to tangle with you," they say. No worries, I reply. Honestly I hope I never have to use these skills in real life but hopefully I'll be a little more prepared just in case. First and foremost I believe in preventing a situation from even happening in the first place if possible.

About a month ago as I was walking back to my car I ran into a character who made a remark to me that kind of spooked me. Unsure of who he was or what he wanted I fled to my car. Nothing happened but it alerted my radar to be on the lookout and if something feels a little off to follow my gut. My instructor notes that anyone can be a bad guy, no matter how friendly they at first appear.

One day my instructor asked the class if anyone had anything that happend during the week that they were proud of and would like to share. Several students said that they had done well on tests that week. I so badly wanted to raise my hand and say "I broke a board with a foot on the first day of class." But they all knew that, they'd all seen me do it. Only afterwards was I thankful I had to do it in front of the whole class.

I appreciate the patience of my instructor and students as I learn the moves - slowly and awkwardly. My instructor assured me that it just takes time to learn because there are so many different things to learn and my body is not used to it. Yes I'm definitely feeling that. My muscles are still a little sore. Then I look at all these little kids in my class and think how hard can it be? They're all doing well. Somehow I think their younger brains pick it up faster.

My teacher advised me to practice at home so if you see me practicing my moves in my driveway, no need to fear, don't call the police.