Nelson's View

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall favorites

The cooler temperatures these last few days has really gotten me in the mood for fall.

When I was growing up in the country so we had a huge yard with at least a couple hundred trees to rake up after. I can remember spending many long hours helping my parents rake, often times when it was quite chilly out. I was thrilled when we hauled the leaves to the fire because it meant I could warm my hands and feet in front of the fire. However, we didn't usually get to stay by the fire very long because the leaves burned quickly and we had to get more from the yard to keep the fire from going out.

I was thrilled when I went off to college and didn't have to spend days upon days of raking but then after finals were over I usually welcomed the change and didn't mind coming home to rake some leaves. My parents asked me why I decided to rent a little house with a yard that would require mowing, raking and shoveling in the winter. Well I thought I wouldn't mind a little raking, only have one tree to really clean up after anyway. It's just part of the season I don't like to miss.

Fall also meant trick or treating on Halloween when I was little. I can remember dressing up like Pippi Longstockings, Tweety Bird (and then the following year I wore the Sylvester costume my brother grew out of), a clown, a bunny. Trick or treating in the country is so much better than in town. There were so few children and they were really spread out that we'd get to the neighbor's house and she'd maybe get two or three kids during the night so instead of getting one or two candy bars, we'd get almost a bag of candy bars. At first my brother and I were shy and only took a few pieces of candy and then our neighbor would say "take more, take more," shoving more hands of candy in our buckets. This year we're taking my three year old neighbor out trick or treating around Alta so that should be fun.

Fall as a child also meant going up to an apple orchard in Gays Mills, Wisconsin. We'd watch them separate the apples, throwing out the bad ones, they'd wash and wax the good ones. We'd spend the day eating apples, apple cider, apple turnovers, apple donuts and then have more than enough left overs for apple pie and an apple at every meal. They were big and juicy though so we didn't mind. We also bought cheese, like cheese curds, we'd call it squeaky cheese because it would squeak as you chewed it. As I got older the trips to the orchard become fewer However, this year my brother and his wife are going and my parents and I are going to meet them. I can't wait.