Readers Respond

Thursday, September 4, 2008

L-M school problems have not been forgotten

From BRIDGET BAILEY / Laurens-Marathon School Board Candidate

As your article in last week's paper stated, "what a difference a few months can make". Laurens-Marathon Community School has made a considerable amount of changes over the last few months and change is not always bad. Change is difficult, change is inevitable and change can be painful. Many community members were disappointed when only one side of that change was stated in your article.

I do know how difficult it is to hear both sides of the story, especially if people in a small community are afraid to speak up for fear of losing business and losing jobs. We can not dwell on the negative and the community must move forward, but things are not always as they appear.

Attitudes and working conditions at the school have improved minimally and unfortunately many employees will not speak up on such issues. We have lost students and families to surrounding communities, but not all have moved, they merely chose to change school districts in light of the problems at L-M.

We were singled out, with a few other local schools, in the Department of Education article in regards to budget and hopefully the board can focus on how to make that a positive eye opener, instead of ridiculing the Department. I think I speak for a large number of community members when I say, the problems at Laurens Marathon have not been swept under the rug. They are very much on everyone's mind and will continue to be monitored very closely.

The community is also concerned about the future of L-M and the quality of education we are accustomed to as in past years. Laurens Marathon will survive and become a stronger, more unified community from these changes. Thank you for continuing to support the school and stay tuned.