Bedel, Hubler team up to battle King in SL stop

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In his bid to unseat 5th District Republican Congressman Steven King, Rob Hubler is making the most of a most powerful ally - the man who represented the district in Congress from 1975-1987.

Huber was in Storm Lake Wednesday during his 'Bringing Back Real Representation Tour," with Berkely Bedell who is serving as General Chairman for the Hubler campaign. Hubler says he's traveilng with a message. "My message is if you like what's been happening the last eight years, vote for King," hesays.

The popular Bedel, from Spirit Lake, retired from Congress after contracting lyme disease in the mid-1980s, but has remained active in Democratic politics, including outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq.

Bedel says things have changed since he was in office.

"Washington is out of step, they have an attitude that Washington decides what needs to be done rather than the people," he says. He says Hubler is ready to return the district to the people.

Hubler adds that King has lost sight of what a representative should do for the constituents.

"He (King) does not go to the floor with the significant issues.It's not his issues, it's not Bedel's, it's not Hublers, it's the people's issues that need to be debated," Hubler says. "Our congressman doesn't debate."

Bedel has been critical of King for turning down invitations to debate Hubler, as well as a governing style that he finds very different from that he had employed years ago in open door meeetings with all of the advisory councils. Bedel says he agrees with Hubler in that it should be a team effort.

Both Hubler and Bedel say they feel the Democrat Convention in Denver went well. "We didn't have a flood mess at the Democratic Convention," Bedel says. "I think the Republicans are really lucky for the floods, that means Bush and Cheney have an excuse not to speak." After watching some of the Republican Convention Bedel says while he's not opposed to having a woman in the vice president spot he doesn't feel Sarah Palin is the woman for the job and says that compared to Senator Barack Obama's VP choice Joe Biden, Palin shows a stark shortcoming in level of experience.

"I think it'd be great to have a women in the top govermental position, the important thing is who that woman is," he says.

"I don't think McCain demonstrated real good judgment," Hubler adds and says he feels it was a rush in McCain's judgment. Hubler, who has caucused for Joe Biden says he feels Biden is well qualified for the job. "She (Palin) doesn't come up with that stature."

During Obama's speech Hubler says he feels he showed real depth and revealed what's lacking in the administration. He says he feels the Democrats are offering a new direction this election year but it will be up to the voters to decide if it's the right one.

Hubler says he feels his campaign is going well with quite a bit of enthusiasm. The challenge he says has been knowing where to go and making sure to meet up with as many people in the district as he can.

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