Nelson's View

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No kitchen sink

I was reading a report from Chrysler the other day, apparently they are the first auto maker to offer in-car internet capability. Apparently the hardware consists of a WiFi router with a wireless modem. The modem automatically connects to the internet and allows you to plug in any WiFi enabled device like a laptop, Nintendo DS or XBox as long as your in range of a cell signal.

When I think video games I think Dance Dance Revolution with my friend's Xbox...I seriously hope they don't have kids trying to dance along to that in their cars. We had hard enough time finding a big enough spot in her living room. So now the driver can apply makeup, eat, shave, text, surf the internet, read the paper. What next? They won't have enough hands left to drive.

What ever happened to gold ol' road trips? Driving down the open road listening to some good tunes jamming on your radio with a friend or two to keep you company and of course some munchy food. Dang I even have to kick it old school and roll the windows down completely since I have no AC in my car anymore and sing out loud when I need music since my CD player is broken. Road trips are a good way to get away from everything and everybody. Course then I don't do a lot of roadtrippin' in my car anyway figuring it's so old something might fall off on the way.

Personally I prefer trips to places where they don't even get cell phone service... you know like the top of a mountain or the middle of a forest. But now it seems like you can drag it all with, cell phones for chatting, playing games, texting and whatever else they do on them, tvs, cd players and now internet. Now who needs to ask for time off from work when it seems like they can just bring their work with them. I guess it could be good for businesspeople I just hope they don't try to supermultitask.

Pretty soon they're going to have to have cars that drive themselves. I'll admit I've talked on my cell phone or ate while driving, then found myself slamming on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of me. I rearended someone when I was in high school as I adjusted the knobs on my cd player. I know as we get busier and busier it seems convenient to have technology at our finger tips all the time but I think the car companies are just encouraging more dangerous behavior when they install things like these in their cars. Course then maybe they want you to crash your car so you have to buy a new one from them.

This weekend my family and I are roadtripping to Kansas City to visit my brother and his wife. I imagine we'll have just as much fun enjoying each other's company.