Dredging crew 'works out bugs'

Thursday, August 28, 2008

After the dredging crew got a late start this summer now they are facing bad hydraulic hoses, broken pipes and electrical problems on the equipment as they continue to work out the bugs on the new equipment, Infrastructure Superintendent Pat Kelly said during the Lake Improvement Commission Meeting Monday. "We just need to keep working on it and get it ready for next year," he says. Kelly says after the dredge sank last year they've had to get used to the new equipment. He said the dredge crew also continue to put in long hours and work weekend hours as well. "We've got some pretty good people out there. We have a lot of group hugs," Kelly joked.

Patti Moore requested permission to sign a grant agreement from the Natural Resource Commission after they approved a funding request of $1 million for Storm Lake for 2008-2009. Moore says she will plan to sign the agreement as long as the language remains the same on the agreement from last year otherwise plans to bring the agreement to the Board.

Julie Sievers with the DNR says they have received several applications to replace former Watershed Coordinator Kim Proctor who resigned earlier this summer, however, Sievers says she has not received word that a new coordinator had been hired yet. "They were very pleased with the numbers and the quality of applicants," said Sievers.

Sievers also reported that the Water Improvement Review Board (WIRB) will meet in early September to review applications. The Lake Preservation Association submitted a grant application for restoration to Little Storm Lake in partnership with the DNR. The grant would go to fund a fish barrier and water retention structure project between Little Storm Lake and Storm Lake. If approved, the $400,000 project would also include the construction of a pumping station and other necessary equipment.

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