Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It will be an interesting year

I've got a lot of work to do within the next year.

My son Jordan has started his senior year of high school and I need to prepare him for the "real" world; the world where mom isn't present 24/7.

He has become a great guy - surprising his father and I. When he was a young boy he ran straight into danger several times - because he was that kind of a kid - curious and on the go. He was a big kid so things didn't phase him or get in his way whether it be his little sisters whom he would lift up and move if they were anywhere near his territory or whether it be a helicopter ready for take off.

When he was in first and second grade he spent many days in the principal's office. We learned later after he got over that phase that he did things on purpose to disrupt the class because he liked the principal and would rather be in his office than in the classroom.

For some time, we envisioned him as the Godfather of the mafia but instead he made Godfather's his number one place to eat.

It was his third grade teacher Marge Nelson who turned him around - he and we both know that. Of all the teachers he has had through the years, she remains as one of his favorites.

He has so things to learn before he leaves home, like:

* learning to replace the empty roll of toilet paper with a new roll. I have told him thousands of time, I am sure, and he only laughs at me.

* clothes from the washer go into the dryer and eventually have to be taken out of the dryer for someone else to use.

* where the ketchup aisle is in the grocery store. Jordan uses ketchup on nearly everything he eats and he has always been able to find it in the refrigerator when he needs it. If he doesn't find that aisle, he will not enjoy eating.

* how to make spaghetti - one of his "staples". For goodness sake, I don't want him to starve! I think I scared him when I told him to throw a noodle onto the ceiling and if it sticks the noodles are done!

* how to wake up in the morning to an alarm - unless he wants me to get a room next to him in the dorm and wake him every morning. That kid can sleep and sleeps right through an alarm but he can wake up to my voice. (Hmmm, which choice is he going to make here?!)

At the same time, there are some things he has already learned at home like:

* how to laugh. We have always shared laughter in our home even through the bad times.

* how to check the oil in his vehicle and how to change a tire. (He needs to be a little more aware of the gas gauge.)

* how to be respectful, helpful, caring, thankful and how to practice his faith. (I am pretty proud that he has picked up on all of these characteristics - they can be practiced everyday.)

* never leave the toilet seat up. I have never had to scold him on that one but I am afraid if he eventually lives in an apartment with other guys during his college days, he will totally be broken of this rule.

It will be an interesting year.