Readers Respond

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family speaks out on invasion of privacy

From RENEE JENSEN / Great Falls, MT

Last week if someone would have told me I'd be writing a letter to the editor in Storm Lake, Iowa, I would have thought they were crazy. But after reading many newspaper articles and the absurd blogs of Kyle Payne, I find it even crazier that a now fired RA from BV University, who assaulted a young woman, may not do any jail time. The people of BV County should be afraid of this man, who is well read, well spoken and claims to be an advocate of women rights. In his blog Mr. Payne said the act he committed on my niece was over as soon as it started. Yet he forgets to explain that when the "act" was over he then printed and even posted the pictures on his computer. This "act" was not over quickly....it lasted for months.

Imagine if your daughter or sister received a phone call from the police department about a crime and then was shown semi nude photos of herself that she had no knowledge of, nor gave her consent to. It would be devastating. But the craziest thing about this crime is that the young women will be a victimized again at sentencing if Kyle Payne does not go to jail. Our court system is set up to protect the victims and future victims of an offender. Please, help us send the message that offenders in BV County should and will go to jail and that the county is a safe place for young women to be. It takes a village to stop an offender.

From GAYLE MYCKE / Comad, MT

I am writing as a family member of the victim in the Kyle Payne case. Monday, August 25, Kyle Payne will be sentenced for a despicable crime against my niece. Sadly, he will never be convicted of the crime, because the county attorney has allowed for a plea bargain to be offered him. Unless the judge does not accept his guilty plea to the plea bargain, Kyle Payne will only get his hand slapped and he will be turned loose to continue his exploitation of women. Our goal and prayer is that this judge will not allow this to happen, making it possible to prosecute this man to the full extent of the law and place him on the sexual offender registry. If the judge accepts the guilty plea, the charges are reduced to the point where he will not have to be on the Registry. This is outrageous. We need people to step up and go out on the line for this victim and her family. Contact the county attorney and judge, show up in court in support of this victim. Who knows - the next college student assaulted could be someone you know and love.