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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Old' friends

still good friends

Do you still remember the first job you had out of college? Do you remember your co-workers?

I was hired at the Spencer Daily Reporter a few months out of college. The writing staff consisted of veteran editor, amazing Andy Anderson, and three others right out of college or within a couple years.

We were young and excited to dive into our chosen career of journalism and ready to continue the fun we were having in college. That was 27 years ago and I still have such vivid memories of those girls - the girl farm editor that came back to the office after wading through a hog confinement building and the girl sports editor who had no problem keeping track of scores and game plays.

We kept in touch after we went our separate ways in fact they insisted on getting together to meet my then fiancé to see if the wedding plans should continue. Those zany friends greeted us at the door wearing mismatched clothes, thick glasses and wild hair. (I am fortunate that he didn't take off running when he saw what I was introducing him to!)

We continued to keep in touch with the birth of each of our children and at Christmas. We never forgot about each other but our hectic schedules have prevented us from getting together.

Last weekend, the four of us planned on meeting. One was busy and another had an emergency so it was just Jane and I that could make it.

I dragged along the many photo albums I had from the two years we worked together (yes, really! We had cameras with us for any gathering.) These are the photo albums I have had locked in a safe with a combination only I know to prevent my kids from seeing their mom in some situations they shouldn't.

And we laughed about many of those crazy times we had together. For those few hours we were together, we were back in our 20s. We did not have that gray hair that is professionally washed away and we didn't have those Grand Canyon-wide wrinkles.

Things are much different in our work places now, we agreed. Neither of us feels OLD (but we are). We no longer are working in an office where people are our age, either. We worked in a unique situation; you don't see that often these days. Instead, those young people we share office space with, who are barely out of college and have that same excitement we had at their age, could be our children! I often wonder how they feel working with someone that is near the same age as their mothers...

Jane and I parted saying we wouldn't wait so long next time. Because if we did, the next time we talked about our workplaces, we'd be talking about those co-workers who could be our grandkids!

* Lorri Glawe is a Pilot-Tribune staff writer. Reach the columnist at lglawe at stormlakepilottribune.com