Readers Respond

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good sense on energy, now!

From LARRY M. ADEN / Nemaha

Our 9%-approval, do-nothing, Democrat-controlled Congress has just gone on vacation without addressing our energy problems in any way.

The Dem leaders abandoned their duty to the American People, knowing that, if they had allowed any energy vote to come to the floor, they would have lost.

The majority of all Americans, Democrat voters, and even their own junior Congressmen don't support the party position on domestic drilling.

They have continued the same obstructionist tactics that they had used for 12 years as the minority to avoid doing the People's business, and the GOP from taking credit.

They hope the American people haven't noticed, but they are wrong, hence the 9% approval rating!

Dem leaders have proven very adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

It looks like Pelosi and Reid are about to learn the same hard lesson that the voters taught the GOP leadership, just two years ago. Do your job, or we will turn you out!

Neither major political party, nor their presidential candidates, seems to have any firm grasp of the gravity and immediacy of the serious threat that our current energy problems present to our economy.

Nor do they have any real clue about how to properly fix these problems in time to stave off a world-wide depression.

McCain has improved his stance on energy, but continues to favor subsidizing nuclear power, giving coastal states a veto over drilling in federal offshore leases, and to oppose drilling in ANWR. These positions are foolhardy, but the GOP is willing to compromise.

If nuclear power was so "cheap, clean and safe", it would not need the taxpayer's money to shoulder the liability for operations, radioactive waste disposal, and decommissioning. Yet, oil drilling technology, today, is clean and innocuous, we can drill almost anywhere without hurting the environment, or even the scenery.

Obama has not improved his positions on energy one iota. He continues to parrot the foolish and illogical position of the un-Democratic Party. Windfall Profits Tax, market regulation, higher CAFE standards (all failed policies of the past), Solar, Wind, Electric Cars (that we've no surplus power to charge), and "We can't drill our way out of this!"

There is no more ignorant and ridiculous statement, unless you count the other Dem mantra- "It wouldn't help, it would be 10 years till we would see a drop of that oil!"

First, that is an outright lie; some of this oil could be on the market in one year, plus, to announce drilling, today, will bring the market down, tomorrow!

Secondly, that is the same dumb argument these nitwits used 32 years ago when the subject first came up, and virtually every year since! The Dems have demonstrated no willingness to negotiate on this, or any other energy question.

Converting our economy to a renewable energy base (which any sane person recognizes must be done) will take even longer! That doesn't mean we shouldn't start, today! The same logic applies to drilling for our own oil!

Drilling is the only way we have left ourselves to get out of this predicament, as we have ignored the warning signs, and made little progress toward an oil-free economy, for the last 35 years. Now, we have only one chance to extricate ourselves from our dependence on foreign energy in a rational, economical manner - that is to use our own last oil reserves as a bridge to reach a truly clean and renewable energy future!

As the oil is ours, we can dictate the terms of its sale, the use of clean extraction technologies, and that the oil and gas must remain here.

Regulation, however, is never the way to control industry, as it lends itself too readily to corruption, political manipulation, and gross unintended distortion of the marketplace.

Instead, we should use taxes to influence industry to make the right decisions for long term energy security and penalize those who make business decisions detrimental to that goal. Taxes may also distort the market in direct measurable relation to the percentage applied, but are a clear calculable expense that can be readily adjusted as the market shows the need, and cannot be arbitrarily applied like regulation.

We must adopt a comprehensive energy plan that uses every safe energy resource available, today, to pay for our conversion to more renewable technologies for tomorrow.

We must eliminate taxes and regulation on all energy production, but heavily tax every use of dirty, foreign, non-renewable, or unsustainable energy, or technology.

These taxes should fund our conversion to more efficient use of clean, domestic and renewable resources through a revolving loan fund for working Americans to buy American-made energy-efficient cars, appliances, and renewable energy production systems.

The time for talking about high ideals, researching alternatives and political posturing is long past; we need the fast action that only a free and fair market can provide.

We must do everything we can, today, to prepare for tomorrow!