Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3,400 miles and one lost mustache

Our family recently returned from an eight-day, 3,400 mile trip which included traveling in two vehicles through 10 states.

We opted to drive - even with the high gas prices - rather than fly (also high priced) to give us the opportunity to view the diverse countryside. What a treat that was.

We traveled on two-lane, two-way windy roads through Ohio where we shared the roads with Amish horse and buggies and on several five- lane roads going through some of the largest cities in the nation. We were treated to mountains and thick forests, marveled over the quaint communities and the buildings stretching to the sky and were in awe at the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Wow! and Awww! and Oh! were heard at the many new sights around us (and other unprintable exclamatories when exits were nearly missed!)

We traveled in two vehicles. An adult was in each vehicle and the five teenagers were spread out. We never became lost from each other, we didn't have any car problems and no one locked any keys in the vehicles. Cell phones kept us in touch with each other to be alert for exits and when breaks were needed. We even came back with everything we left with - except for one cell phone lost on the first day and dad's mustache. (Yes, after 30 years of wearing a mustache my husband decided to "surprise" us all by shaving it off to give us all one more thing to remember forever about our trip.) There were many laughs over his "strange" look and the kids made it clear they wanted their "old" dad back.

We came back with more in our suitcases than when we left - souvenir t-shirts of course - and a few extra pounds under our belts from all the "boredom" eating we did while cooped up in the vehicles.

Our family has grown way too quickly and we haven't had the opportunity to travel together to this extent except for one other time.

We deserved this time together - leaving behind all of our busy schedules - and all of us will enjoy these memories for a long time. (We're hoping that mustache grows in quickly though.)

Stay tuned for part two...