Mini Editorial

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a mess...

The Storm Lake area has invested a great deal in its appeal for visitors - and it is an unfortunate truth that a few bucks worth of trash in the wrong place can take away from the impact of $40 million in developments.

On the morning after a weekend, the beach at Bel Air is literally trashed - on our latest visit we had to pick a path around diapers, dead birds, an abandoned barbecue, bags of rotting foot waste, torn up styrofoam, discarded undergarments and so on.

Across the road from the LakeTrail at Mandeville Woods last weekend, someone had pitched their trash out the car window.

Some people will leave their garbage from a picnic right there on the table in the park, and sometimes a fisherman will leave everything including the fish he didn't want right on the shore.

It's not all that hard to carry a garbage bag in the car and clean up after yourself. Part of taking pride in our community and its exceptional resources is to create the atmosphere where it is simply unthinkable - and unacceptable - to litter it up. And if picking up after someone else is needed once in a while - we will have to do it. Hopefully while they are watching, so that they might just get the message.