Nelson's View

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kid at heart

I got my first chance to see a circus on Monday, up close and personal. I've seen bits and pieces of Circus Circus in Reno and Vegas but this was my chance to see a full fledge show. I must say it was quite entertaining and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I never got the opportunity to see a circus growing up because I was either sick or going on vacation or camp when the circus came to town.

I had to resist the temptation to ride on an elephant or camel but then I'd done both of those things when I was a kid. And had I not had my hands full with a camera and note pad might have bought myself some cotton candy. I did pay to get my photo with a python. People have asked me what possessed me to have this thing draped over my neck for a photo. Probably not something I would have done as a kid.

I don't know. I just felt adventurous I guess. I put my trust in the handlers that it wasn't going to bite me. I saw other people get their picture with it, so why not?

They draped the thing around my neck for a few seconds of my life. The moment they placed this big fellow on my shoulders I felt like I might fall over because it was so heavy and it was very slippery and smooth. Even though I'm 5 ft. 11 inches this snake touched the ground on both sides when wrapped around my neck.

Once in a while I find a garter snake in my garage and I get grief from people when I tell them I picked the things up with my bare hands and locate them to another safer spot (away from my lawn mower).

However, I think whenever I see another garder snake they're probably just going to look like tiny worms compared to this snake. My mom told me that when I was little I used to pick up bugs and squish them without evening using a kleenex. I'm a farm girl so I've done my share of dirty messy chores.

I think anytime I get scared of something I'll have to glance over at my photo with the snake and say, "I'm not scared."

Course I'm not sure I'd be so brave about meeting one of these snakes in the wild.

* Jennifer Nelson is a member of the Pilot news staff. Reach her at jnelson@ stormlakepilottribune.com