Nelson's View

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boating Adventure

I found myself crawling into a small (four person) sailboat this past weekend on the lake for the free Kiwanis sailboat rides. Sure can't pass up free entertainment. I came armed with my camera ready to get a few shots but they told me I should probably leave my camera behind because it would get wet. Thank goodness I did.... I ended up getting completely soaked from head to toe and in my eyes (they assured me that the lake was clean - they'd been dredging it... but not of fish poop.)

It was quite windy out on the lake so we dealt with several large waves and at times we leaned over so much in one direction I thought maybe we might tip over. I had to keep telling myself that these guys knew what they were doing, they'd done this before. I've been boating before so I'm not sure why I was nervous - not if I was steering, we all would have reason for anxiety.

So with the smaller boat and bigger waves, I got quite wet. However, I guess what's the point on going out on the lake if you're not going to get wet, right? It was a great way to cool off. It was all part of the adventure.

My uncle owns a sailboat but it's much larger and you'll occasionally get a sprinkle of two of water splashed on you when riding on his boat. I think his boat is big enough you could lay out on it and get a tan but this boat was so small we had to duck every time they needed to move the sail. One gal had to keep swapping places with one of the sailboat captains as they steered the boat around the lake (which isn't all that easy in a small boat). I got the chance to take over the wheel on a sail boat (just to see what it was like) once when we were vacationing in Duluth, MN but I was too scared, I was much younger then. They even assured me that it was rare that a sailboat that large and heavy would tip over.

I've had my share of other boating adventures in my life... everything from tubing in the dirty cow rivers to taking a cruise down the Potomac while visiting Washington D.C. I've had my share of calm and relaxing rides - the Potomac was very peaceful and we rode in the evening so we got to watch the sun go down. I also enjoyed the Queen II cruise boat in West Okoboji. I've also shared a few canoe rides and for the most part they were peaceful, except for when I was in the boat with a few teenage friends at camp. When when our boat got stuck on a tree branch and flipped over, one friend started screaming and thought we were all going to drown.

I've had my share of wild rides too. I've been white water rafting a few times and fortunately have never fallen out. Got to love it that you can pick your level of danger. Some are so dangerous tyou have to sign a contract that says your family won't sue them if you do die. Yikes! Fortunately I've have always had a blast.

I get so jealous when I see someone zipping across the lake in a speed boats or jet ski because I know all I can afford right now is an intertube. Maybe I'll have to give the cardboard boat race a try too. It's all about the adventure.