Readers Respond

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The facts on Holstein hotel plan

From DEB GROSS / Holstein

The article in the Storm Lake Times (Hotel Planned for Holstein by Joe Cullen, published on Wed 11th and reprint on Sat 14) was not accurate, so I am writing to inform you of the facts about the Holstein hotel project. I want to construct a 25-unit hotel in Holstein on the corner of hwy 59 & 20. The hotel would have plenty of semi parking, indoor community access to pool area with a lap pool and an activity pool. Full Recreation Center access across the street, continental breakfast and a reception hall that would seat 400 people, with audio and visuals with bar and kitchen areas. I want the hotel to be a home away from home for people, equipping the rooms with a small refrigerator, microwave, wireless connections and comfortable furnishings without breaking the bank to rent a room. I hope to attract salespeople, truckers, travelers and business people who are in the area on the weekdays and families visiting family in the area and travelers on the weekends all with a franchise name. I will give quality service at a reasonable price.

I have made a proposal to the city council where nothing was decided. There is a process in which a person has to follow to acquire land from the city. I have to have a resolution brought by the council and then 4-20 days before I can make a bid on the land, then the counsel could vote on that price and accept it. I have talked to Jim McGuire about the avg. land prices but he did not make an appraisal as of yet. I did proposed to add a hospitality tax so the city could have extra revenue that we as a city will not have to pay. The traveler would pay that when he visits our city. The whole town would vote on that at a later date. You don't want it too high, otherwise the traveler has to pay $20-$50 in just taxes! Super 8 does not get more room revenue just because they are larger (more units), I said it is a more well known name compared to Knights Inn (the franchise I am thinking of using but Knights Inn is still a part of the Wyndham Hotel group which comes with the same marketing that Super 8 has).

I also have never owned a hotel before especially the Shamrock Motel in Holstein. Nor will the Knights Inns replace the Shamrock Motel. It did not close by me or for financial reasons. Their reasons were medical. Nor have I owed a gas station.

I have had a dream project in my head for about 10 years for Holstein. It included a truck stop of sorts with a restaurant, hotel, car wash and gas station but I don't have the land available or access to put one up. Farm land is very hard to come by around Holstein or very expensive. I also said I wouldn't probably expand at a later date because I want good quality service. Expanding would create a longer walk to the pool/front desk area and etc., not because of expenses and wondering if people will actually come.

I do have experience and an education with hotels and restaurants. I answered the questions of the interviewer in hopes of sparking a response from investors who would want to make an investment but after reading the article that was printed, I didn't think anyone would read the reprint or correction or invest in my project.

That is why I am writing to the editor to let you know the whole truth and all the facts. I think it is a great opportunity for Holstein and its surrounding towns. My husband and I grew up in Holstein. We want to see the community grow for our children and give the people of Holstein a chance at more opportunities and change.

If you have any questions or want to be a part of this adventure please let me know!!