Nelson's View

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A great motto to live life by!

I got a new poster to hang on my wall this past weekend. It's an autographed ISU football poster autographed by the coach, athletic director and some of the players. Written on the poster is the following statement.

"I am a Cyclone. I am a warrior. Member of a team. I am physically and mentally tough. I never quit." There are a few silhouettes of the players with a stormy sky in the background. It's a cool poster. However, I think the statement describes more than just the players on the football team.

It describes other Cyclones like myself. For me life has always been about perseverance. Never giving up. Never letting people tell you you can't. Never letting losing a game cause you to lose your spirit, trying that much harder the next time and learning from your mistakes. Perseverance helped me get through college. There were times I thought about giving up, didn't think I could do it (usually about the time finals rolled around). However, with friends and family (and a good paying scholarship) there supporting me I graduated right on time. Perseverance is what helped our family get through the tough times when my mom was really sick.

I'm sure there were times she just wanted to give up. I wasn't even sick but sometimes there were times I kind of wanted to throw the towel in. But I knew that she needed me, I knew the rest of my family needed me no matter what the outcome., Knowing that one day I'd get married, have kids, write for a living and experience all the other wonderful things life has to offer I kept going, knew I had something to live for, something to work hard for.

Perseverance is what gets me through each day. Sometimes our busy lives can have us wanting the easy way out. Our lives get so busy that we don't know how we can go on anymore without bursting. Then you read all kinds of stories of people walking before they were supposed to or running marathons when doctors said they'd be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

Their stories of perseverance sometimes make me feel like a wimp. Sometimes I feel like giving up and I've got all my limbs and see and hear just fine. Remember when life seems hard, there are people out there whose life is a lot harder. I know this is a message you've probably all heard before but sometimes I think we all just need to be reminded or a little shove.

Keep going. So even if you've had a bad day, start the next day fresh and tell yourself, "I'm going to have a good day." Even if I don't win at everything, it's just a game or maybe even just practice. Just gotta keep picking yourself up. But like any game you can't do it alone, you gotta have your team mates there to help you when you take a harder fall.

Sounds like a pretty good motto to live by... even if you're not a Cyclone.

* Jennifer Nelson is a member of the Pilot-Tribune news staff.