Readers Respond

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Common sense

From HILARY DUNN and SCOTT BECK / KBVU student radio station

On behalf of all the staff at 97.5 KBVU The Edge, we would like to thank the community of Storm Lake and surrounding areas for their support of EDGEFest '08. EDGEFest is a fundraising event we look forward to every year at KBVU, and we had yet another great turnout on May 10th.

Our nonprofit music festival was a success with $2,500 raised and given back to the community. We would like to extend a special thanks to the Storm Lake Police Department and Chief Mark Prosser, City Parks Department staff including Tom Meier and Bob Williams, and the Elk's Lodge and Mike Diercks for helping us out the day of the event.

Also, we sincerely appreciate the Storm Lake City Council in allowing this great event to take place and the Pilot Tribune for great coverage of the concert. We look forward to continuing this nonprofit event in the future and hope for the continued support from Storm Lake Community and surrounding areas.

I won't be muzzled

From JAN ALDERTON / Storm Lake

Yes, I am running for Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors on the Republican ticket to replace Lorna Burnside in District 5. No, I will NOT be muzzled. I will tell you what I believe in.

I believe in Iowa's Hate Crimes law that does NOT violate freedoms of belief and freedom of speech. The law does offer enhanced (higher) penalties for perpetrators of acts of assault, criminal mischief, arson and trespass when committed because of the victim's race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ancestry, and physical/mental disability. Whoever promoted that Republican platform to get rid of this law didn't understand it.

I believe in civil and human rights because these are humanitarian issues. I have lived civil and human rights all of my life before I knew there was a name for equal opportunity. I spent the past 20 years working to enforce these laws. I am not Catholic but I heard the Pope. He clearly said, "Treat all people of differences with respect and courtesy."

This is the essence of civil rights laws. Many of us need laws because we can't/won't do this without laws.

I believe in being up front and on-the-record...

I am an independent person and therefore an independent Republican. I have always voted the issue and the person, never a straight party ticket.

I do not believe in government bail-outs and handouts. I do appreciate government offering a helping hand up, but not when that help encourages the breakup of families and a lifetime of dependency.

I am not a tax and spend person but advocate managing your money wisely.

My impression of our current board is that we have five people working cooperatively and courteously for the betterment of our county residents. I have not seen "party" lines.

Of course, English is our language. I certainly appreciate signs in English when I travel in Mexico. I want people who speak and read in other languages to understand our highway signs. Common sense says bilingual signs and brochures are a mater of our own safety.

I am in favor of committed monogamous responsible relationships for all of God's children.

During the past election period I developed a red, white and blue poster that received wide distribution around the state:

"Ask every candidate for any public office,

What do you think about human rights?

Listen carefully and vote accordingly."

The same advice holds true for today and every day. An opinion about civil and human rights tells a lot about that candidate. Come on Republicans, get with the twentieth century. No one seems to want civil or hamn rights unless or until they or theirs need help. We are all protected under civil rights laws. Ooops, fat people aren't protected - yet.