Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remember the veterans

One of my favorite times of the year just passed - I went to visit my mom and brought her flowers. A veteran of World War II, she died 30 years ago. In my busy world, I take the time each year to place flowers on her grave. It gives me an awesome feeling to see by the time I have gotten there that the local legionnaires have already been there and left a flag and a legion emblem - in appreciation for the time she served in the army.

I also feel such great respect for all the soldiers - men and women - that gave their lives in the line of duty during the wars, the too many wars, that our country has been a part of and to those that returned safely with stories that they have kept bottled up because they are painful to talk about.

I have become acquainted with many Alta VFW and Auxiliary members - such as Maria Michelson (and her late husband Mike), all of the Hoffermans, the Walshs, the Fishers who take their memberships very important - to honor the veterans - dead and alive. I am honored to know these, as well. They are great people and I take every opportunity I can to recognize projects they take part in.

There are many VFW and legion-related organizations. I have noticed that the majority of the members are from the World War II era. When they are gone, who will step up to continue these organizations that take such great pride in honoring the veterans?

How awesome it would be to end the Iraq and never have another war again - but even if that would happen, those millions of veterans who volunteered to serve in the military still need to be remembered.

I would hate to see the Memorial Day programs, like those that were just held yesterday, disappear. The flying of the flags, the decorated graves, the patriotic speeches that go right to the heart and help bring our country closer, the tears for those who have been lost - these are all part of the day.

Perhaps a day off from work is nice but never ever forget the veterans. Memorial Day is for the veterans. I will always remember. God bless America.