One Woman's Viewpoint

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big 2-4

I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday. While at the court house last week becoming an Iowa citizen once again I was asked if I had a big birthday party planned. I shook my head. I should have said, "Heck yeah - I no longer have to take grief from people about living in Nebraska - The Cornhusker state."

I am an official Iowan again. Guess they just assumed that by me moving out of Iowa that I would change my loyalties. No not this girl, I'm an alum of Iowa State by the way. (And going to BVU's graduation last Sunday definitely brought some tears to my eyes remembering my own special day.) I already have a few Iowa State decals on my car and had seriously considered adding a few more when I got to Nebraska to let them know.

I even had my cubicle at work decorated in cardinal and gold. One of my co-workers from Nebraska was a Colorado fan and his desk was ransacked by a couple Nebraska fans. They decorated his desk with balloons and streamers and a giant posterboard sign that read, "Number one Nebraska Fan." They also kidnapped his bobblehead buffalo and said they wouldn't return it until he wore red to work on Fridays. He just shook his head and refused.

I would have had no problem wearing red to work but it sure as heck wasn't going to have Nebraska written on it. I feared my desk might be next but I managed to luck out. I stood strong.

Maybe I'll go back to Ames this weekend sometime for my birthday after I'm done with my reporter's conference on Saturday in Des Moines... Society of Professional Journalists. Iowa State is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. Anyway Ames has this awesome BBQ place, Hickory Park. You have to try it if you haven't already before!

I've had some people tell me that they would drive all the way to Ames just to go to Hickory Park (course that was probably before the gas prices started to soar! Interesting tidbit I found out that gas in France currently costs about $8.25/gallon in U.S. dollars -YIKES!).

They're also known for their wide selection of yummy ice cream sundaes and on your birthday they stick a little birthday candle in one for you and sing happy birthday. Maybe I'll go ice skating afterwards at the ice arena there in Ames. I took an ice skating class in college... who knew that was a college course? It was pretty fun though. Now my ice skates just sit in my closet collecting dust, it'd be fun to get them out again or take a spin around the campus and see what's changed (okay and by spin I don't mean on my ice skate, haha). It's amazing how much has changed already in the short time that I've been away from there.

Or perhaps I could go watch the butterflies flutter around in the butterfly wing at Reiman Gardens. Definitely something else you should check out if you haven't already!

* Jennifer Nelson in a Pilot-Tribune news staff member.