Tech leader helps schools plug into future

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sarah Freking, technical coordinator, has helped the Storm Lake School District, move ahead in its technology.

This is the first year Freking has been with the district. She told the school board Monday nighr that "we're headed in the right direction. We have more than enough work to keep us busy this summer."

She discussed the technology progress that has gone on throughout the year.

Two mobile PC labs have been added to the middle school, allowing computers, on carts, to be able to moved from room to room.

The district now has computers that students can check out and take home for the night. These have been very popular, she said, adding that they are checked out most every night.

"We want to make technology accessible for all students. This is a minor start."

Twenty-two new staff computers were purchased, three servers were replaced, software was upgraded and a mobile lab at the high school. While all these things were great to see, Freking said the biggest thing what she is most proud of is the fact that technology is in the curriculum.

"There is a vast wealth of information (that can be found on the computer.) We're teaching kids how they can learn to use the computer."

Next year, technology will continue to be upgraded. She said her goal is to get to the point that allows the district to be able to turn over computers after six or seven years of use.

The Physical Plant and Educational Levy (PPEL) fund makes available dollars to be used for technology. Freking said though it is a limited budget each year, she is "playing around with the numbers" and making sure the money goes the farthest it possibly can to benefit the students in the district.

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