Nelson's View

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bad luck from day one

This past weekend I went home for Mother's Day and was greeted by the newest addition to the family, Cosby, a cross between a chocolate lab and a black lab, who was born on Friday the 13th. He's still considered a puppy by behavior standards but he's far from the cute little innocent puppy he once was. At one year old he's about the size of a horse with the force of a 300 pound football player ready to tackle you. I made the mistake of doing a load of laundry before going home because now I'll just have to rewash everything. Before leaving the premises he sees to it that I'm "Cosbyfied" - aka doggy slobbered from head to toe. He managed to pass obedience school, though I'm not quite sure how. He used to love to play fetch when he was younger but now If I want to play fetch with him I have to chase him around the yard, pin him to the ground and then pry the slobbery stick from his locked jaws and often just end up playing tug of war. My mom has informed me that I can not leave anything outside that he could get ahold of or I'll probably never see it in one piece. Heck we can't even leave the outdoor items outdoors very well, like the mouse traps in the garage, he doesn't get his nose stuck in them rather he just picks them up and chews them to pieces (maybe he's trying to tell us we don't need mouse traps because he's a much better mouse trap, on which I would agree.

All the woodland creatures moved out once he moved in and if they did stay, he's since chased them away.) He also enjoys playing with these golfball sized rocks we have around the perimeter of the house. My mom finds them scattered around the yard. He loves sticks and often when he finds a really long one parades around the yard with like it's a staff of gold. My dad used to keep a pile of firewood on the porch for our indoor stove and one morning we came out to find each piece strewn around on the yard, covered in slobber. We've given him plenty of toys to play with but either he wants to see the grass on the other side of the fence or chews his toys up as quickly as possible then goes looking for more. Fortunately for me I'm kind of like a grandma for him. I love dogs so I can spoil him all I want (even though my parents tell me I need to help with the discipline) but when I get tired of him I can just go home.

In my opinion though he's got some big shoes to fill. I had a black lab (Heidi) growing up (from age 7 through college) and while she had her bad habits she for the most part grew out of them and we became quite close companions growing up. As we watch Cosby we realize just how much we miss her and the last few years of her life as she slowed down and napped all day. She was about ten times smaller than Cosby so I guess he's going to have to stuff his monstrous paws into some pretty tiny shoes. At times we see improvement with his training and my parents feel there might still be luck with this one but need I remind you when he was born?