Donors help ease 'peeling paint' city regulations

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Soon the City of Storm Lake will be will be issuing notices to those homeowners who have a peeling paint violation. The ordinance is part of the new Property Maintenance Code Program which was approved by the city during the winter.

Understanding that some residents may have difficulty paying for the necessary repairs the City has partnered with local businesses to provide assistance. Assistance will be available for families who meet the low to moderate income requirement, which is set by the State of Iowa for Buena Vista County. Upper Des Moines Opportunity Inc. will be administering the program.

"In the notice it will say if they need assistance they will need to contact us to see if they're income eligible," said Joan Spooner, director at Upper Des Moines Opportunity in Storm Lake. According to Spooner the assistance will only help pay for the percentage of the home that needs the paint work. According to the ordinance, houses that have greater than 50 percent of the surface area paint missing, peeling or chipping will be in violation. If a house is found to be in violation a notice will be left asking the owner to repaint. According to Yarosevich fines won't be issued unless the owner refuses to comply with the notice requests. The individual or family must own the home, reside within the Storm Lake corporate city limits and have received a notice for the violation to qualify for the assistance.

The Storm Lake Multiple Listing Service and Elks Lodge have partnered with the City to assist residents in clearing up the violations. Our first step is education. We're going to work with residents to figure out how to comply," said Justin Yarosevich, City Clerk.

The Storm Lake Multiple Listing Service is providing $500 and the Elks Lodge of Storm Lake is providing $400 towards the program. The funds will be matched with $5,700 which has been set aside by the City in their Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget. City officials expressed gratitude for the donation, and other businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate. For more information, contact the City at 732-8000.

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