Nelson's View

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Appreciating Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms. Sunday is Mother's Day. I'm not a mom yet but I have a pretty special mom.

While browsing the web one night I found all sorts of so called "perfect mother's day gifts" - you've got your traditional chocolate and flowers and then there's liposuction and face lifts or Nintendo Wii is coming out with 'Wii Fit' here in a couple weeks. Nothing says I love you like "Mom your face is sagging and you need to lose a few pounds." (Sounds more like criticizing than appreciating Mom to me.)

Personally I'm planning to visit my mom on her special day. I know that would be more meaningful for her than any materialistic gift I could ever buy. It would also be more meaningful for me and a little less expensive. I have always had a pretty strong relationship with my mom. In fact it's strengthened over the past five or six years. After she was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease in 2001 it made me learn some things about life. I realized just how precious life and how short it is. I realized how some things in life are more important than other more trivial things. It also made me realize how often I take things for granted, for example, how often do I tell my mom thanks for all she's done for me? During the time she's been sick my mom has had several treatments that took her away from home including a bone marrow transplant which meant she had to be away from home for several weeks. I was left to stay with my grandparents. It was hard going to school every day because I wasn't able to spend that time with her while she was sick.

We spent Christmas with her while she was receiving treatments in Rochester. It was a little wierd having Christmas in a strange place but the important thing was spending time with her and all being together.

Take time to tell your mom how much you appreciate what she does for you. It's definitely something we should do on a more daily basis. I also realized just how it's important for us to spend time together, setting our work aside. We all have busy lives but sometimes we just have to say "no," and enjoy our family time. Do something special with your mom this Sunday. I personally just enjoy sitting on the porch swing at my parent's house in the country and chatting or baking cookies together. Through this whole situation I've also realized to look for the good in a bad situation. So many times it can be hard to deal with a situation like this and you can blame everyone and yourself and feel like just giving up. However, feeling miserable doesn't normally make the situation any better. Sometimes situations like this are out of our control, there's only so much we can do.

Let your mom know how much you appreciate her this year. Give her a call if you can't visit. If she's passed away you can honor her by remembering her, look at photo albums or share favorite and fond memories of her. Most importantly make sure you tell her how much you love her.

* Jennifer Nelson in a Pilot-Tribune news staff member.