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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Showing too much at the prom

From CHRIS WIDMAN / Storm Lake

Having read both Storm Lake papers and seen the colorful pictures of the various prom-goers, me thinks of an apparently forgotten phrase; "modesty in dress."

What does it mean? Isn't it being taught today? At home? At school? Do parents approve this dress code? Does anyone stop to think? What does prom mean? Why this emphasis on prom.... and why has modesty been forgotten?

I care.

What will it take to pass boating law?


I would like to thank Dana Larsen for the well written and thoughtful editorial re: the Iowa legislature's failure to once again, pass the drunken boater law. (.10 to .08) Frankly, I don't understand the resistance to this bill. I'm certain that it will take still one more death on a lake or river in Iowa at the hands of a drunk, to create the needed pressure to force this bill through. I'm sorry that someone else will have to experience the same tragedy our family has had in order for the Iowa lawmakers to see fit to pass it, once and for all. Frankly, I believe that the consequences of operating a boat while intoxicated need to be much more harsh... it should mean that their drivers license and insurance should also be affected, but first things first.

Again, thank you for expressing your disappointment with the Iowa lawmakers who have driven this bill into the ground.