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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alta High School students preparing for annual art show

The annual high school art show is something that most all of the students of Jerry Braunschweig look forward to. The show reveal that the school year is nearly complete but more importantly, the event allows the students to showcase the pieces they have worked so hard on throughout the year in their art classes.

This is also a bittersweet time for those art students who will show their work for the last time in the high school setting.

Brittany Corlew, an advanced art student, has enjoyed art so much that when she goes off to college next fall, she will be studying art.

She has experimented with panoramic paintings this year and has captured the Golden Gate Bridge and Wriggle Field quite nicely. She enjoys painting to the other mediums.

Chelsey Peterson enjoys working with charcoal and has the knack for capturing the likeness of people in her work. She enjoys portraits but has recently found she likes creating landscapes as well.

She plans to study nursing when she graduates but does not intend to give up her love for art.

Brittany Aronson prefers to create abstracts as well as capturing the perfect picture with a camera.

All of the students have many good things to say about their instructor.

""He's the best," said Aronson.

For all of the students, art is a way to express themselves. They have all truly enjoyed the opportunity to experience art classes made available to them at Alta High School.

Instructor Braunschweig said he is also thrilled with the success that so many of the students have discovered through their years.

The annual art show is set for May 12 in the high school gym from 6-8 p.m. There will be some 80 pieces to see.

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