Frogs, frogs!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buena Vista University students and third grade students of Deb Langner and Jeannie Henningsen collaborated in the science lab recently.

The purpose for the gathering was to take part in a hands-on and interactive activity (dissecting frogs) and allow BVU science students to share their knowledge as a type of service learning experience. The get-together also helped create connections with the community as BVU continues to develop future outreach projects.

The third grade students have been studying plants and animals and the human body in their classroom; this project was a fun way for them to compare them.

Dr. Melinda Coogan, Assistant Professor of Biology, headed the project.

"We'd like to do more community outreach projects,

" she said. This particular project allowed the young students to come in and experience the science facility and it is hoped that some of these students will become excited about science and perhaps chose science as a career choice.

A couple students were skirmish about the experience while others got right in to check everything out.

Morgan Jacobsen said she was excited to be in the science center and "do new things."

Tamra Bradbury said she was excited to find the tongue of the frog and see its heart.

Maria Ross said it was "fun dissecting the frog and getting to touch the heart and legs."

Lauren Falck thought it was "cool" to see the insides of the frog, too. When asked if she would consider a science career she commented, "Maybe. I can be anything I want to be."

Cassidy boom said she was most surprised to see that the heart was not really a heart shape.

And another student simple said that the "frogs stink." (Due to the preserving solution.)

BVU student Jeni Staley, a senior, who assisted, said she was surprised how interested the students were in the dissection process.

"It was good to see how interested they are now- hopefully they will keep going with that interest.

After the dissection, the students took a tour of the science building and had a sack lunch at the university.

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