A vote for a break

Monday, April 14, 2008

You know, we haven't even gotten to the political conventions and I have had enough of this election and all of the hoopla that accompanies it.

First off I feel that the process itself has been going on for as long as I have been on this earth and that is a long time. It seems to be dragging on so, that I have thrown my hands up and refuse to show my alliance to either candidate let alone party. I have heard nothing but mud slinging and lies and it concerns me enough to question whether our country will turn around and escape this recession that we are currently edging closer to.

Oh wait, our illustrious president says that we aren't even potentially near to declaring a recession! What more proof does he need. People aren't spending and the housing market is failing. Fuel prices are skyrocketing to the brink of destruction as far as the trucking industry. Citizens are being pressed into making the decision of either eating or paying bills. Healthcare has gone through the roof to the point where people decide not seek help because either they are denied because of their financial situation or they go broke trying to pay off medical bills.

Now back to the presidential candidates that swear that they will make the changes needed to pull this country out of the maybe recession and unite our country. First off... who do we believe in? A certain former first lady that can't recall whether she was shot at in Bosnia or not? If it were me, I think I would remember that. And would you subject your only child to such dangerous situations? C'mon, Hillary we didn't just fall of the turnip truck. One day she is for NAFTA, the next not, Chelsea was or was not running near the Twin Towers when they fell - after all the embellishing of the truth, she might not even remember what was true.

Barack Obama is struggling with he does and does not know too, when it comes to certain individuals and financial contributions, questions over his religious beliefs and a Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Geraldine Ferraro and their race issues. Being African American shouldn't enter into a person's adequacy to run this country, neither should being a woman for that matter. It's amazing how the actual issues that should be addressed have taken a backseat to the negative allegations that both are tossing at each other.

Let us not forget the elderly guy that struggles with the difference between al-Qaeda and Extremists. John McCain has been in politics and a Senator for how many years and can't figure the difference out? Extremists are individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. The term is invariably, or almost invariably, used pejoratively. Extremism is usually contrasted with moderation, and extremists with moderates. Al-Qaeda members are an international alliance of Islamic militant organizations founded in 1988 by Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (later replaced by Osama Bin Laden) and other veteran "Afghan Arabs" after the Soviet War in Afghanistan. (Courtesy Wikipedia) Just in case you were unaware...but I feel that as common folk, it isn't as necessary to know the difference as say...a potential president.

I will rejoice when the elections wind up, and only one politician is left for the media to harass. I will also be waiting for the many campaign promises made to come true...I think that I am still waiting for Bill Clinton's promises to materialize. Hmmm!

* Trudy Schroeder is a Pilot alum who writes a weekly column for our readers.

ip, Hip , Hooray - Spring has finally sprung!

I didn't know if we would ever get to the point where we didn't awake to inches of the cold wet white stuff. Finally we are able to see where the green grass will soon be peeking through. The geese are beginning their trek up north in their traditional V formations. I wonder every year when they pass through just where they actually came from and just how far north are they headed.

I have spied quite a few robins scrambling about trying to find food. Although I feel quite sorry for them during the early days of Spring when they do get a few snow flakes on their tails because they got a bit overeager on migration and failed to consult the weather forecast. I wonder if they question their timing?

Then there is the wind. I guess with Spring comes the wind whipping through the trees and projecting small animals and objects through the air as though they were weightless. I wait for the day when Dorothy and Toto come flying past the windows. The nasty wind does however have its advantages. It dries the soil so that the farmers are able to begin their yearly ritual of Spring planting and of course the construction season goes full force too. So I really shouldn't complain - too much anyway.

One thing that I love about Spring is the fresh air aroma that filters through the opened windows and as I hang laundry out so that it too has that fresh outdoors smell. The tulips begin to bloom, and the sound of little children outside running about like they had just been unleashed following an extensive stay in a cage or something similar makes me smile. It is a heartwarming sight watching as they chase each other about or play ball spending all of their energy outdoors so that when it comes to bed time they lay their heads down on the pillow and fall asleep without the normal, "I want a drink of water" or the "I need another hug" excuses for not going to bed.

What I don't like about the changing of the seasons are the bugs. Those pesky critters that seem to swarm as soon as you open the door or hang clothing out to dry. There have been times when I had to rewash things because they were speckled... if you get my drift. Nothing worse than being outside, opening your mouth to spit out a word and instead your end up spitting out a fly that had just ventured in. YUK!

The real reason that I am so elated about the Spring season is that next three months that follow are Summer and I live for those hot and humid days. Just doesn't get much better than sweat rolling down your back as you mow or the feeling of jumping into a pool of water to cool off. Invigorating! So bring on the warmer days, children playing and robins nesting in the trees. It has been a long Winter and we so deserve the pleasant days that lie ahead!

* Trudy Schroeder, Alta, is a Pilot alum who contributes a weekly opinion column. Reach her at tjschroeder.iw.net.