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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cowboy adventures

From JEANNIE CLAIRE / Albert City

John McCain is the second-most frightening man in America. How could this tired old man living in yesteryear be running for president of the United States? We simply cannot afford him as our leader. Just look at a few of his recent statements:

1) "...leave our troops in Iraq for 50 or 100 more years."

2) "I support the Bush doctrine."

3) "The U.S. is succeeding in Iraq."

This was just all said in one week! See if you call this success:

* At the end of March while on patrol, five American soldiers were killed. It was reported that their mission that day was "building goodwill." Not in my name! Why are we building goodwill and for whom? That just doesn't make sense. We can't export goodwill; the political factions there aren't spending a minute or a nickel or a life to do it on their own behalf. Why are we?

* Let's look at the record: 4,000 American boys and girls dead, thousands more coming home wounded, injured, suicidal, and poorly cared for by Bush.

* The Associated Press said that 2007 "was the deadliest for American troops in Iraq, with 901 troops killed." Does that sound like success to you when the most recent year is the worst? The first week of April, news headlines said: "Heavy Shiite fighting in Iraq threatens U.S. security gains." Hundreds of Iraqi civilians have died in the past two weeks.

* This illegal war is costing American taxpayers $435,000,000 per day. Instead, that amount could enroll 58,000 children in Head Start; put 8,900 police officers on the street; provide health insurance to 329,200 low-income children; hire 10,700 Border Patrol agents; give Pell grants to 163,700 college students or provide foreclosure prevention counseling to 260,000 families. And remember that this is just one day's war spending.

* We have taken backward steps in Afghanistan every year since Bush declared victory there. The year 2007 was also our worst year yet.

* Our domestic economy is in the tank. All of us are suffering because of it. It's time to spend that $435,000,000 a day on us.

Regardless of your party, it's time to shut down this ill-fated cowboy adventure. Who among us wants to OK another 4,000 dead American servicemen, kill thousands of innocent Iraqis, spend another $12 billion a month on this war in 2008, and ignore our catastrophic domestic problems?

That's the fatal baggage that comes with McCain.