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King: amnesty plan a crime against the Constitution

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

With election year rhetoric ramping up, western Iowa Congressman Steve King is lashing out at "liberals" for lobbying in favor of amendments to the Constitution.

All of the American freedoms depend on enforcement of the Rule of Law, King said this week.

"After all what is the freedom of speech, what are property rights, what is freedom of religion, and what is the right to bear arms if law is not enforced?" he said.

"Unfortunately, some of our fellow citizens can't seem to catch-on, no matter how little we ask of them. Many liberals claim the ideals of our constitutional pillars should change according to the latest poll. But our nation has existed this long based on the respect for the Rule of Law in the present day just as it did in America's founding," King said. "No matter how loudly and smugly they argue, liberals cannot simultaneously tear-down and build-up our Constitutional principals."

King said he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. "That is exactly what I inted to do."

Many, including the president, are assaulting the Rule of Law over the issue of immigration, according to Congressman King.

"They proposed legislation to give amnesty to immigration lawbreakers. This amnesty totally discounted the Rule of Law. Their proposed legislation would pardon millions of immigration lawbreakers and reward them with the very objective of their crime. Millions of people rewarded for breaking the law!"

The Bush amnesty plan is a total assault on the Rule of Law and the middle-class, according to King, and an affront to the middle class, who he said are being "priced out of the market by illegal labor."

King criticized the U,S, Supreme Court justices for what he says is "the most serious assault on the Rule of Law."

"These are the last people in the world who should be amending the Constituion. U.S. Supreme Court Justices are unelected, with a lifetime job as a Justice. They are supposed to decide cases according to the laws, but not make their own laws," King said.

"If this assault on the Rule of Law and our Constitution continues, our Constitution will mean no more to American law than a mere piece of paper with meaningless words on it."

Congress makes the laws of this nation and not judges, the Congressman asserts.

"If America does not stand up to defend our Rule of Law, we will share in the fate of failed and unjust nations where the laws protect only the powerful, the rich and the dictators that rule for their own benefit."

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