Young students honored for work

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miranda Sun has earned top honors in the third grade level creative writing contest at the district and state levels, sponsored by the Iowa Reading Association.

A student in Jan McKenna's room at West School, she has been invited to meet with author Cheryl Harness at the State Reading Conference on April 4 in Des Moines. Miranda will read her story at a small gathering which will include Ms. Harness.

Here is Miranda's winning story.

What if Santa had a Chocolate

Flavored Beard?  

By: Miranda Sun

 If Santa had a chocolate beard, would the children smell it when he went into their houses on Christmas Eve?  Well, I am here to tell you when Santa got a chocolate flavored beard, and what happened.

It was one snowy night before Christmas Eve day, a very snow one in fact, when Santa was sitting in his favorite armchair by the fire.  He was just back from checking on the elves in his shop making all the toys for good little boys and girls.  He was tired and soon went to bed. 

When he was asleep, he had a dream.  A witch was before him.  "I have come to grant you a wish," the witch was saying.  "What is your wish?"  Santa thought in his dream, "I wonder what would happened if I had a chocolate beard?"  "Ah, so that is your wish?" cackled the witch in his dream.  "So, it shall be!"  Suddenly there was a flash of light!

It was morning.  Santa woke up.  He dressed himself to go down to breakfast with Mrs. Claus.  As he passed the hall mirror, he discovered that he indeed had a chocolate beard.  "There is something wrong here, Santa thought.  But I wonder what happened?"  Then he remembered his dream with the witch.  "No couldn't be!" he wondered.

As he was eating breakfast, he noticed that Mrs. Claus was looking at him very funny.  He had quite forgotten that his beard was chocolate.  Finally, Mrs. Claus asked, "Why is your beard chocolate?"  Santa almost choked on his milk.  "Oh, yes," he said.  "That beard."  Quickly Santa told Mrs. Claus about the snowy night, the dream and the witch, about the wish, the sudden flash of light, and how he had woken up from this dream.

"That is quite strange," said Mrs. Claus when he finished.  "Yes," exclaimed Santa.  "I think I want some hot chocolate right now." "I will make it," said Mrs. Claus.  Moments later, she returned from the cupboard.  "I can't find any chocolate," she cried.  "Hmm," thought Santa.  Then he asked, "How about my beard?"  "Are you saying?" she stopped.  "Yes, that's what I mean!" shouted Santa.  "I guess it wouldn't hurt to try," said Mrs. Claus.

She returned with a pair of scissors.  Snip, snip, snip, went the scissors.  "There," she said, and gave Santa a mirror.  "Why, I look fine," expressed Santa.  "Now, let's get onto the hot chocolate."  Mrs. Claus poured a cup of hot water from the tea kettle.  Santa put some of the beard hairs in the water and waited patiently.  "I think it's done brewing," he exclaimed.  "Here it goes!"  The chocolate tasted warm and sweet.  "Taste," suggested Santa, handing the cup to Mrs. Claus.  "Why it is sweet and quite tasty," expressed Mrs. Claus.  "I feel like I will have some neat adventures, shouted Santa, especially since it is Christmas Eve day."  "Yes, yes, I do think you will have many adventures tonight," whispered Mrs. Claus, as he left for his shop, she smiled.

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