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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bunnies for bunny

From BRYAN REICKS / Via Internet

In the little town of Auburn, Iowa, the community's library is adding a new section dedicated to one of its main benefactors, Bunny (Gladys) Clapper.

A few decades ago, as a Girl Scour leader, Bunny and her troop were responsible for starting the community's library. She passed away a few years ago - 2008 would have been her 100th birthday. In honor of this, Bunny's family has collected 100 books (primarily children's books) about bunnies and will be donating them to the librar to be placed in a section dedicated to Bunny Clapper.

O'Brien destinations

From CHRISTINE GANO / Via Internet

I recently discovered that little Sutherland,

Iowa has some great places to eat and also a newly opened coffee cafe and guitar shop (www.ampedupcafe.com). Reasonable prices and great food and entertainment, close to home! How about an article on the great eating establishments, Boganreif Studios, etc. close to the new O'Brian County Prairie Center and buffalo!