Fairfield 4-Hers bring color to BV area barns

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Fairfield Pioneers of Albert City have learned to quilt - using wood and paint and very large patterns.

The group has completed two barn quilts and are working on two more as people across the county wish to dress up their barns with color and style. The youngers' enthusiasm is giving an energetic boost to the new plans to create a barn quilt tradition in the county starting this year.

Their first barn quilt was designed for Linda and Dennis Henrichs in their selected pattern, "A Star for All Seasons" and painted in John Deere colors of bright green and yellow.

Linda has a great fondness for quilts, in fact, she quilts each Tuesday with a group at Our Savior's Lutheran Church. But using a needle and thread to create designs is as far as she will go. She had heard about the 4-H group offering to paint the large barn quilts for a fundraising project and inquired about it.

The Albert City-Truesdale School provides space for the 4-H'ers to work, which is very much appreciated by the kids and their leaders. The Fairfield Pioneers purchase all of the materials, create a quilt in the pattern and colors desired by the barn owner, and deliver the finished creation. They are charging $250.

The hanging of the barn quilts will be done, at a warmer time, by REC.

The 4-Hers are happy to be able to "beautify" the county, said treasurer of the group, Mitch Sievers.

They will use the construction of the quilts as a group service project and enter it for judging at the Buena Vista County Fair.

The second quilt, "Diamond Star", was constructed for Mavis and Bob Loving.

It is hoped the quilts will catch on and will soon appear on many barns throughout the county, adding color and character to the countryside.

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