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Redenbaugh running for BV Supervisor

Thursday, March 6, 2008

With two Buena Vista County Supervisors retiring in Republicans Herb Crampton and Lorna Burnside, Mark Redenbaugh (R-Storm Lake) is entering the race in order to aid the county on the moderate Republican platform.

Redenbaugh, whose family lineage in the city of Storm Lake is traced back to the turn of the 20th century, is vying for the seat in District IV race with the retirement of former Chairperson Crampton.

Some of the key platform items that Redenbaugh would like to focus upon include government spending and economic development.

"I would like to get a handle on government spending (for the county) while increasing economic development through renewable energy," said Redenbaugh. "Sure, corn pays good right now but it is important to have a diversified strategy that supports the community that we live in."

Redenbaugh, a Storm Lake Public Schools graduate in 1979, has had a long and successful history understanding the issues that are relevant to the county, including the importance of creating higher-paying employment opportunities that increase the standard of living for the area.

"I want to create jobs and when you create jobs then you raise disposable income," Redenbaugh said. "We are a farm community and when the farm community has money, then we have it good."

Also, Redenbaugh said that the pending time-of-transfer issue is something that he can help residents of the county understand in protecting real estate values as well as the community-at-large.

"Time and transfer will be a big thing coming down the pike," Redenbaugh said. "With my background in real estate, I will be able to better informed regarding the needs of this issue so that we can help real estate property owners."

Redenbaugh added that it is a necessary measure considering that "all over the county, there are homes that do not have septics, and they just dump into field tiles. You see all of these beautiful $200,000 homes all over the county and they have unregulated discharge that is going into field tiles and drainage ditches."

Redenbaugh added that the cost of mental health, engineering costs, unfunded mandates are all critical issues that he is hopeful to help alleviate.

"We have to balance all of the money that is going into the road systems and we are not getting enough," Redenbaugh said. "By the time the state gives us money for economic development, we will have dirt roads."

Redenbaugh, who attended Horry-Georgetown Technical College along with several other Storm Lake Public High School students, has had a entrepreneurial career in helping build the Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club and the San Francisco 49ers training camp in Santa Clara, CA.

After a stint as a firefighter for the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Services, he moved back to Storm Lake in 1998 where he started Abner Bell's Coffee House in downtown Storm Lake and sold it in 2005, the business later becoming Coffee Plus.

Prior to selling Abner Bell's Coffee House, he earned his real estate licensure in 2004 and has been working with Century 21, headed by Margie Robinson.

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