City seeks consultant for library, to consider need for expansion

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Storm Lake city officials have agreed to provide funding to hire a consultant to conduct a needs assessment for the municipal public library.

The findings will be used by the library trustees to consider needs for a potential library expansion for the future.

The city budget sets aside $14,000 in library memorial funds to pay for the consultant in fiscal 2008-09, but does not provide for any potential construction money for the coming fiscal year.

Some other miscellaneous expenditures allowed under the 2008-09 newly-proposed budget:

* Spec Building - $12,360 in city funds to help fund the incentive package for the purchaser of the industrial park building to develop a furniture store.

* Radar Trailer - $19,020 to buy a second radar trailer for police. The first trailer, which shows drivers their speed as they move past, has received good comments.

* AWAYSIS cabins - $440,000 for the tourist cabins proposed for development this spring in the campgrounds area.

* Motion detector traffic signals - three additional devices for the Park/Flindt, Seneca/Milwaukee and Oneida/Milwaukee intersections. Road use tax funds will be used.

* Parks Vehicle - a Toolcat multi-use vehicle, to elimiate a utility tractor in the parks, $57,000.

* King's Pointe Mower - $5,000 for a walk-behind mower to handle the needs of the resort grounds.

* The T3 "chariot" riding vehicle for the new Park Ranger program, $11,906 - from city fleet and crime prevention funds.

* Fairway mower - $30,000 to replace an older mower at the golf course. Also a utility cart for the course, $9,000.

* An end loader to replace a 1966 model, to allow for snow removal at the airport, $207,000.

* One-ton dump truck for public works, $27,000, from water system funds.

* A new police cruiser, $35,000, replacing a model with nearly 150,000 miles.

* Community Service officer van, $30,000. The old van will transport prisoner labor to and from Rockwell City.

The budget goes on to the state level for final confirmation.

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