Mini Editorial

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Should city bear entire cost of N. Lake trail?

The Storm Lake city government's plan for a North Lake Avenue "pedestrian trail" - that's a fancy term for sidewalk - is both practical and necessary from a safety standpoint.

Thanks to matching funds and a wise two-phase approach, it is financially do-able. Local citizens will see the need and not kick to hard over the expenditure.

Still - should this really be the city's burden to bear completely?

Would there have been a need for this walk if the Wal-Mart Super Center had not decided to build on the extreme north edge of the city?

Storm Lake isn't a poor city, but it hasn't a lot of extra cash floating around either, and we have other needs.

Wal-Mart set record profit in the last quarter of 2007, almost 4 BILLION dollars.

Can't the company at least affford to pay half of the city's share of the cost, so this might get done sooner?

If not, perhaps the giant retailer would like to take responsibility for the biker or walker who gets slammed by a car trying to get to their store.

If you build a house in Storm Lake, you will be REQUIRED to pay full cost for providing the public sidealk access. Why shouldn't a huge corporation be expected to make its infrastrcture contribution in exchange for the money Storm Lakers drop at its store?

Come on Wal-Mart, do the right thing.