Glawe's Outlook

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Magic of it all

I attended the Aurelia prom fundraiser Saturday night which featured illusionist and entertainer Reza. What a show it was! It was something special for a small school to be able to have such entertainment.

He gave the students a good price and anything left over from the ticket sales went to their prom and after-prom party.

For a while the students thought they may not sell enough tickets and end up having to use a portion of the funds they had already raised to pay him. They ended up making a nice profit. But I wish you had been there.

He did several tricks that left us all saying, "How did he do that?" and the next morning I woke up still wondering.

My daughter Marissa told me after the show that she thinks she would like to be an illusionist now - but she told me she wouldn't even tell me how she performed the tricks.

Isn't that the way it is? Always trying to keep mom in the dark. I reminded her she would have to be in front of hundreds of people sometimes and that popped her bubble; she doesn't really like crowds.

Reza started his career as a child when he received a magic kit for his seventh birthday. He grew up in Brookings, SD.

Reza managed to get one volunteer from the audience to come on stage with his hundred dollar bill. He marked the bill and then it disappeared. The volunteer was a little worried about throwing $100 away and never seeing it again. Somehow the money showed up folded up and sealed inside a box of unopened Cracker Jack box.

My son Austin said he would like to be a magician and make money appear out of everywhere. Wouldn't that be nice? I think we would all be magicians if we could make that happen.

And imagine how popular we could be at a party if could make those annoying people disappear - and instead of bringing them back to show it was just a trick, we could just not bring them back. (We would eventually see their faces on the back of a milk carton.)

I like the trick that some magicians do where they put a "lovely assistant" into a box and then place knives through the box, splitting the body in two. I always turn away,just sure that sometime the trick won't work; I await the screams. And I wonder if the "lovely assistant" ever gets nervous...

Reza offered posters and autographs following the performance and gave those proceeds to the junior class also. (That was nice.) Many of the junior class members bought the posters, knowing they were helping out their class. Jordan said that he was going to pack the poster away that someday he believed it would be worth some money. I believe, too, that the illusionist will make it big someday.

If not, well, we, in little Aurelia, will remember him and how he came to help the class.

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