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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When going got tough, Hillary got going


As Hillary's scandals at home multiplied, and questions about her role in Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, the disappearance of billing records, the Webb Hubble hush money, the FBI scandal, and the commodities market trading all got louder, Hillary adopted the patented formula of all Presidents in trouble: She left the country! Hillary was about to become a world traveler. (At the cost of 12.5 million taxpayers dollars, safari included). In her book "Living History", she once again invokes the name of a celebrity, writing that it was Mary Catherine Bateson, the anthropologist daughter of Margaret Mead, who first explained to her how travel could have a symbolic significance. As Hillary writes, "I soon became a convert to the view that I could advance the Clinton agenda through symbolic action! Advance the agenda? Horse manure! The agenda was to dodge the negative publicity at home, and spend millions of our hard-earned dollars. She should be made to pay every penny back. P.S. In the book " The Dossier on Hillary Clinton," by Amanda B. Carpenter, she even credited her (draft dodger) husband with the 1991's war's success. The Senator has both voted for the use of military force and criticized Bush's security policies. So, is Hillary a hawk or a dove? Or is she playing New Yorkers for bird brains?

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